Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 15th Meeting

Wow we had so many people at this meeting we almost didn't fit in the two conference rooms...thank you everyone for coming we hope you found Rebecca Fallons from Medtronic a wounderful and helpful speaker. It was great to see Rich there it has been awhile since you have been able to come...we were missing a few of our regulars...Mike and Isreal...they are ok just unable to make the meeting. I am excited to announce a "program" (for lack of better term) that Lou from Medtronic gave us the idea that when one of our members has an appropriate shock we will give them a pin that we had made for you that says My ICD Saved My Life...not that we want any one to receive a shock but if you do at least you will be alive to tell us about it at our next meeting...Don't forget if you need us to give us a call we hope to see at our next meeting..May 11th...Mary Grace, Bill, and Sue

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  1. I enjoyed the meeting very much and Rebecca Fallon was fabulous.....WOW !!! what a turnout "standing room only" ( I love it). Thanks for your concern about my health, I just returned from PMC, was in for CHF ( again), this time for 6 days... Glad to be home... Hope you all have a great month and hope to see ya all in May...