Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 11th Meeting

Sorry for not posting right away after our meeting...once again we had an awesome turn out our little group is growing with each meeting...like Mark Dillman said 'you guys should be proud of your selves for being brave and having your devices put in for your and also your loved ones well being" how about Mark for filling in for Chad he did an awesome job. Big thank yous go out to Pat, Wilma and Joe for supplying us with a great spread of snacks we will need some volunteers for July's meeting...Next meeting June 8th is with Dr Sears at the Sycamore Grill in Delaware Water Gap we hope to have a GREAT turn out we hope to have some Shock Plan papers for you all to fill out...we are working on them hope to have them done...we want to wish Bill a Happy Birthday for receiving an appropriate shock he was also our first recipient of our Pin for a Shock Program (I think that is what Billy called it) and of course our Wilma who so bravely comes to every meeting in support of her son who has an ICD...Thank you all for coming and we are looking forward to our next meeting June 8th!!!Mary grace, Bill, and Sue

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  1. Bill, MaryGrace, and Sue,
    Thanks for the Taxi service from my hospital room to the meeting. It was a full packed meeting and a great one at that. Looking foward to the next "BIGGIE" in June with Dr. Sears.. again Thanks
    Rich Wixon